RAYS gramLIGHTS 57DR Semigloss Black (SB) - 18x9.5 | +38 | 5x114.3 | 73.1mm


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Bolt Pattern
Flow Form

THE CONCEPT IS RACING with the philosophy of victory on all wheels

RAYS  participates in all categories of races that exceed the competition level, as well as the highest peak races such as the F-1 and GT1 World Championships. Now, the place of activity is not limited to Japan, but also actively participates in races in the United States and Europe.

Racing is the forefront of development that is indispensable for Rays, and above all, it is a place for serious competition. Rays believes that the race where everyone on the spot goes for the win is not deceptive, and putting yourself in a place where only the real thing remains can improve the performance of the road wheel.
RAYS has won titles in many categories, but it's not just about winning. The most important thing is to gain the experience and know-how of racing for one second of commas and prove the correctness by winning.
At the wheel development site, there is now almost no line between computer and field testing, and the results are almost the same on the computer. Experience is the key to this. The numerical values ​​that computers tell us are due to the data we have experienced and accumulated. It is just the result that appears on the screen through a filter called a computer. However, with the constantly updated data, it is not impossible to build even the wheels that we thought were reaching their limits, even lighter and stronger.

And that know-how is not limited to the category of sports wheels, but is equally distributed to all RAYS wheels. The know-how to gain lightness and strength is utilized not only for forged wheels and cast sports wheels that claim high performance, but also for dress-up wheels that decorate the feet of sedans and minivans. To that end, we will stubbornly protect our own development and production, and above all, Made in Japan. This is the meaning of "concept is racing" that Rays advocates.

ALL MADE IN JAPAN PRODUCTS for valuable wheels

We want to provide maximum peace of mind and maximum satisfaction to all RAYS wheel users. And in order to send out the wheels with absolute confidence, Rays sticks to Made in Japan. We understand the needs of users, incorporate RAYS quality, and deliver to the market with reliable quality. The answer derived for that purpose is the in-house integrated system * (all RAYS), which is an all-Japan system.

Rays has users in all categories, from users who have purchased commercial wheels to teams competing in races such as Formula One and GT Championships. The performance required in each field is different, but we have aimed for a higher level by crossing technology and know-how for all wheels.
In order to realize such a quality supremacy, it is indispensable to have an integrated system in-house, and I believe that it is necessary for the entire RAYS to be united, so to speak, for the entire RAYS to be team-made in Japan. Rays' Made in Japan is more than just words.

Quality Supreme Principle-All Made in Japan & All Made by RAYS


RAYS analysis technology that runs on the cutting edge to give shape to the accumulated knowledge and experience

The existence of advanced software (analysis technology) as well as hardware (manufacturing equipment) suitable for performance is indispensable for manufacturing aluminum wheels. At Rays, we make full use of the data cultivated in cutting-edge racing activities such as F1 for road wheels, set up our own development department, analyze and analyze, wheels that are extremely lightweight and have improved safety. I make use of it in the construction.

Various data obtained from the development of racing wheels are collected and fed back to the street wheels. The data obtained there will be further accumulated and will be utilized for road wheel development this time. At Rays, we do not divide the race wheel and the street wheel, but share all the data and manufacturing technology, which leads to the development of excellent wheels. Analysis technology such as rigidity analysis is the key to the development of such a series of wheels.
RAYS wheels are made by this technology, which leads to more ideal wheels by analyzing wheels designed through various processes. In addition, it is also an important role of wheel analysis technology to thoroughly analyze designs that would otherwise be unrealizable and lead to feasible designs.

Advanced analysis technology for designing performance



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