6 Sigma Experience at Wheel Haven

Sim Racing Done Right

Racing simulators have been a niche passion or guilty pleasure for many a driver. From the flashy rumble of the arcade cabinets of our youth to modern videogames on the latest systems – Gran Turismo, Forza, & Assetto Corsa among them, chasing the feeling of being behind the wheel is quite the thrill.

Experience it at Wheel Haven

Featured at our headquarters, located just off of the highway a few minutes north of Toronto, Wheel Haven is excited to be the home of racing simulators from 6 Sigma Sim Racing. Our headquarters is open to the public during our business hours, and we run Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 on both 4K screens as well as the latest PS5VR2 virtual reality headset. Our rigs are examples of how sim racing can be achieved at various budget levels and without the need for running games on expensive computers.

These sim rigs are here, not only to allow our team to have a recreational outlet that speaks to our love of cars, but also to showcase how much a Racing Simulator setup can add to the experience of driving games. 6 Sigma Sim Racing, a Canadian fixture in the sim rig scene, designs and manufactures their own racing simulator chassis in several different models and offers bundles that include various models of direct-drive wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals, and more. 6 Sigma and their team can also frequently be spotted at events across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, showcasing their latest consumer and commercial level racing simulators. If you see their team at an event, let them know that the Wheel Haven team says “Hi”!

What Lays Beyond

After experiencing what our racing simulators feel like for the first or nth time, it is ambitious to ask what more is there – LOTS MORE. Our headquarters’ 6 Sigma Experience is meant to let people dip their feet into the possibilities of consumer sim rigs. Choosing Gran Turismo 7, along with lightweight and easy to build and move chassis choices, we would hope that it opens up the possibilities of having a racing simulator at home to more enthusiasts.

It does not end there. 6 Sigma also produces a line of racing simulators designed for events and commercial use. These full motion rigs can also be installed in the home, for those looking for intense motion feedback and immersive simulation experience.  

How to Try

If you are in our area shopping for a set of wheels, or just looking to spend a few minutes with our racing sims, Wheel Haven is always happy to greet you. Stop in for a visit, our headquarters also serves as our office space and is home to our media, fitment specialist, and customer care teams.

Subject to availability and volume of guests, during business hours we would be happy to set you up with our 6 Sigma Sim Racing Experience. You might even meet and have a chance to join up with some of our regular racers.

More details in 6 Sigma Sim Racing and their events schedule and products can be found at their website - https://www.6sigmasimracing.ca/.

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