OE Replica Wheels Keep Vehicles Rolling

OE Replica Wheels

The world of aftermarket wheels has, unfortunately and for many years, been filled with unclear information on the quality and performance of their wheels being offered to consumers.

Who Are They For

Aside from the handful of top brands, who have proven themselves through their racing pedigree, it has historically been difficult to decern what is the right purchase for someone who does not need the latest and lightest track wheel models. This has led to confusion and skepticism when it came to buying a set, without a reliable automotive insider guiding the everyday customer to which aftermarket wheels should be paired with their vehicle. This is especially true for wheels made to imitate the styling and design of other popular aftermarket models or OEM wheels that come with vehicles from the factory. Once production of an OEM wheel model ends, their associated vehicle models are often left hanging when it comes to replacing their aging or damaged wheels. This is the void that modern OE Replica Wheels seeks to fill – Quality wheels, made to keep vehicles fresh, reliable, and transporting people safely where they need to go.

Replica vs Knockoff

In the early days, many aftermarket wheels served simply as knockoffs or “reps” and could be inconsistent in quality and in some extreme cases dangerous to use – Things have changed. With more vehicles on the road than ever, the growing demand for good quality and variety of wheels for everyone has increased along with demand for replacements for their damaged and aging factory wheels. This is where OE replica wheels come in. An industry of replica wheels emerged, made for and certified safe for the retail market by reputable standards such as JWL, VIA, TUV certification and more. They also can now be found made using various modern technologies from Flow-Formed wheels to, in rare cases, Mold Forged wheels, allowing for lightweight and high-quality wheels to be more affordable than ever before. These wheels have now given consumers more wheels options for their aging vehicles to maintain OEM styling, but also new vehicles looking for a high-quality alternative set of wheels for winter or trail conditions. 

When Should I Buy Replicas

Replica wheels are currently being made for all years, makes, and models of vehicles. They are commonly used when an economical set of wheels is needed or when the OE wheel is no longer available. It understandable that when purchasing a new vehicle, a customer will not want to give up the styling of their factory OEM wheels for winter, or a budding Autosport enthusiast will want a lightweight wheel in a similar style to their dream wheels found on the cars leading their hobby.

OE Replica wheels found in our collection are intended for sale in the North American market and the manufacturers are required to get JWL certification. Our customers can shop with confidence knowing that all of our wheels are presented with detailed manufacturer specs, up to date fitment data, as well as our own team of Fitment Specialists on hand to make sure you find your perfect fit!

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